Economic Growth & Jobs

Economic Growth & Jobs

Hardworking taxpayers are the strength of our country, and I will work daily to reduce the power of Washington, DC bureaucrats.

- Tim Walberg

Creating jobs, expanding opportunities and growing Michigan’s economy is the top priority for Tim Walberg. Tim has advanced policies that would build a healthy economy and create a brighter future for the next generation.

Tim Walberg’s plan to encourage job creation and boost wages:

  1. Less spending in Washington DC, more resources with the People- Tim puts his trust in the American people, not Washington DC bureaucrats. He understands that money spent in Washington DC comes out of the pockets of hardworking taxpayers, so Tim fights to require the federal government to live within its means and leave more resources with families, small businesses, job providers, and in our local communities. Tim voted for fiscally responsible budgets that dramatically reduce the deficit, spending cuts, a line item veto, and the Balanced Budget Amendment. He successfully worked with Democrats and Republicans to reduce spending on a wasteful Afghanistan reconstruction fund. Tim serves on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which identifies waste, fraud, and abuse, and works to hold the federal government accountable. Leaving more resources in the private sector and our local communities will allow for more job creation and investment to help strengthen our Michigan economy.
  2. Reduce the Tax and Regulatory Burden- Tim understands high tax rates, the complexity of the four million word tax code, and onerous regulations discourage hard work, investment, and job creation. Tim supports tax reform to lower rates and simplify the tax code, which will make the tax system flatter, fairer, and more conducive to economic growth and job creation. He voted for legislation to prevent Washington DC bureaucrats from creating costly, job destroying regulations without receiving approval from the American peoples’ elected representatives, and Tim had a common sense bipartisan bill to increase efficiency within the federal government signed into law.
  3. Make Health Care Affordable- The trillion dollar government takeover of health care is causing millions of Americans to lose access to their health insurance and doctors, raising the cost of health care, pushing people into part-time work, and hurting job creation. Tim voted to let people keep their health coverage if they liked it, repeal the government takeover of health care and remove the worst elements of President Obama's health care law. Tim supports patient-centered reforms such as ending lawsuit abuse, allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines, expanding the use and flexibility of health savings accounts, giving individuals the same tax treatment as corporations when purchasing health insurance, and letting small businesses join together to purchase health insurance at a more affordable price.
  4. Expand American Energy Production- Tim is working to increase American energy production to create jobs, lower prices, and move our nation toward energy independence. He has voted to expand natural gas and oil exploration; improve pipeline safety; speed up the permitting process; and promote clean coal, nuclear, and renewable sources.
  5. Enhance Education and Training- As a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, Tim is focused on improving education and workforce training opportunities by empowering local institutions and states. Tim voted for:
    • The Every Student Succeeds Act, which transfers power and resources from Washington DC education bureaucrats to local schools and states, because teachers, administrators, and local school boards know best how to educate students. These bipartisan reforms have been signed into law.
    • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which would improve workforce training by giving more power and input to local educational and training institutions, including community colleges, overwhelmingly passed the House and was signed into law.
    • Michigan is blessed with many fine institutions of higher learning. Tim is committed to working with these schools as they provide a tremendous education and help students afford the opportunity. He introduced the “Helping Families Save for Education Act” with a Democratic colleague to help families save money for educational expenses.
  6. Open Global Markets- By meeting regularly with Michigan farmers and manufacturers, Tim Walberg recognizes 7th District citizens produce many quality goods to sell in the global marketplace. In a bipartisan manner, Tim works to open global markets to our Michigan-made goods, which supports and creates jobs here. He favors trade that is fair, free, and levels the playing field for American workers. If an agreement is not free and fair for Michigan workers and manufacturers, Tim will not support it, which is why he opposes the poorly negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  7. Improve Infrastructure- Tim Walberg is working to improve our infrastructure and rebuild Michigan’s roads and bridges. He helped champion a long-term, bipartisan transportation plan to provide greater resources and decision-making authority to state and local governments—without raising taxes. This long-term plan, now signed into law, will help streamline and bring certainty to important road and bridge projects across our state. He also voted in favor of theWater Resources Reform and Development Act, which focuses on protecting our water supply, shorelines, and environment. The legislation also streamlines the approval process, requires more accountability, and encourages public-private partnerships to leverage taxpayer resources to complete more water resources projects.