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Ignoring all protocols and moving forward without a Judiciary Committee seated, Democratic leadership continues their quest of deepening America's divisions. Even with an unprecedented dismissal of procedures, there is not even enough time to remove President Trump before January 20, so this procedure needlessly puts America through another divisive impeachment.
When two Michigan Democratic Congressmen challenged President Bush's Electoral College votes in 2005, the Michigan Democratic Party had no issues. Let me be clear: I will continue working hard for the people of the 7th District.
I've heard from so many of you demanding greater transparency and I am calling for an emergency electoral commission to audit the results.
Whether it is COVID relief or anything else, Nancy Pelosi has time and time again shown she cares more about her own agenda than the American people. It is discouraging to see Democrats who had previously pledged never to support Pelosi for Speaker of the House, fall in line to give her the votes to once again become Speaker.
Happy New Year! May 2021 be a year of blessings for your family, for the great people across Michigan and for our country.