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Sue and I enjoyed our first Sturgis Fest Annual Electric Night Parade. Very neat event with some great people!
I joined Fox & Friends to discuss the violence that took place at my campaign office this week. Especially timely subject as we pray for level-headedness and peacefulness in response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.
Today’s ruling was a monumental win for life. This was the correct outcome and rightly returns this decision to the states. The Supreme Court showed it won’t be swayed through intimidation.
Thanks to all of the good within our community, our team is more inspired than ever. Shortly after the news of the vandalization broke, volunteers showed up to help clean up broken pieces of glass, some staying into the night. Not only have we had an outpouring of support and kind messages, but we have had more requests for yard signs than any day in recent memory. We're grateful for all the support. And the message is clear: we will not be scared into silence but instead work together to put our country on a better path.
Today I was on Newsmax to discuss our strengthened resolve and my unwavering convictions despite attempted intimidation.