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Short-sighted Democrats see court-packing as an opportunity to fill the bench with activists willing to push a socialist agenda. The open embrace of this radical idea by Democrats could do incalculable damage to the judicial branch moving forward.
Hi everyone, Sue Walberg here. Just hopping on to wish my husband a very special birthday! Tim -- We’re so grateful for all the passion and tireless work you display on a daily basis and hope today is a great day! :)
Justice Breyer was correct this week when he said packing the Supreme Court would damage public faith in the institution. However, Joe Biden's desire for power appears to outweigh his faith in our institutions.
With a crisis at the border and crime spiking, the Biden Administration's response is to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. Whether through legislative or judicial action, I remain committed with my Republican colleagues to defend the Second Amendment.
Sue and I would like to wish you a very happy Easter. I hope everyone is able to celebrate with their loved ones and has a joyous and special Easter Sunday.