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Had the privilege of joining Jackson Right to Life this weekend for the Remembrance for Aborted Children.
While Biden’s rhetoric about unity and working across the aisle may sound nice, unfortunately, his actions tell a very different story. Without working with Republicans, Biden has proposed over $6 trillion in spending which your children and their children would have to pay for. He’s worked in a partisan manner to move away from securing the border, and in doing so has created a crisis at the border. He’s taken unilateral action to risk jobs across American while proposing policies that threaten small businesses and hourly wages.
President Biden may take credit for the vaccine but we all know it was Operation Warp Speed and the previous administration that allowed this unprecedented breakthrough.
The reports John Kerry discussed Israeli military operations with Iran’s foreign minister are incredibly disturbing.
Within the past week, we've seen Congressional Democrats: ❌Call for the abolishment of police and prisons ❌Pass an unconstitutional bill to try and make DC a state for the sole purpose of getting two Democratic Senators ❌Introduce a bill to pack the Supreme Court ❌Introduce a $93 trillion Green New Deal which would cost millions of jobs Next election, remember this is what a standard week in April looks like with Biden and Pelosi in charge.