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On this day in 1854, a group of abolitionists gathered Under the Oaks in Jackson, MI, to create a new political party. This meeting birthed the formation of a party platform and the first slate of candidates for the Republican Party. For these past 166 years, the Republican Party has worked to protect personal freedoms and liberty for all. I proudly serve as a Republican, and defend those values and personal freedoms.
What a beautiful day for an Independence Day parade in Grass Lake. Happy 4th!
Today on our Independence Day, we as Americans have an opportunity to celebrate all the things that make America so special. We live in the freest and most prosperous nation in the world. We should also take a moment to recognize the tremendous blessing we have in our country, and we can’t take that for granted.
Very encouraging sign that our economy is on the road to recovery. -4.8 million jobs added -Shattering expectations of experts
We’re just HOURS AWAY from a crucial financial deadline and I need your help. Please support: 🗽 Liberty and Justice for all 💵 Pro-jobs economic policy 🇺🇸 American exceptionalism