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Thanks to the Cass County GOP for having me this evening in Cassopolis to discuss my proven conservative record. Thrilled to meet eager folks ready to take back the House!
Great to be on the campus of Glen Oaks Community College in St. Joseph County to meet voters and have a conversation about the importance of the upcoming election.
As we commemorate the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I appreciated the opportunity to give remarks on the sanctity of life during the Jackson Right to Life Memorial Service.
Parents should always be playing a major role in the education of their children.
Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden taking the Oath of Office. With Democrats in control of both chambers and the Oval Office, I want to detail what has happened in a single year. Please share this post to get the message to as many people as possible. Let’s review… Inflation has spiked to a 40-year high and will cost middle-income earners $4,351 this year according to Penn Wharton. Meanwhile, many grocery shelves are barren due to a supply chain crisis. We all witnessed the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan, leaving Americans behind enemy lines and so many Afghans helplessly endangered. At every moment, President Biden who campaigned on a promise to be a unifier has taken the road of division at every turn. Most recently likening Republicans to Jefferson Davis and even President Biden’s old buddy, George Wallace. Remember, George Wallace once praised Joe Biden, leading Biden to brag about it! Perhaps Joe Biden’s single biggest campaign promise was that he would shut down the virus. Tragically, under Biden’s watch, more Americans died from COVID in 2021 than in 2020. We have spent over $5 trillion and two years into the pandemic, most Americans struggle to find COVID tests recently. This is in large part due to failures of the Biden Administration to pursue more testing. Recently, it came to light Joe Biden’s Education Secretary solicited a letter from the NSBA that compared concerned parents to “domestic terrorists.” That’s right, while simultaneously kowtowing to Putin and Xi and giving up Bagram Air Base to the Taliban, this Administration thinks the real “terrorists” are American parents. These parents are rightfully upset because Biden’s Department of Education has stated that teachers should use materials from the inaccurate 1619 Project which seeks to rewrite America’s history and stoke racial division. Joe Biden has waged a war on American energy, increasing our dependence on Russia and OPEC and helping lead to the highest gas prices in years, which is a laughing matter to Energy Secretary Granholm. Yet, while Biden shut down American pipelines, Biden gave the greenlight for Nord Stream 2, a pipeline for Russia. His stance is clear: Russian energy infrastructure is good, American energy infrastructure is bad. The Kremlin has smelled blood in the water since Biden has taken up residence in the Oval Office. Putin has begun to buildup troops at the Ukraine border in an apparent threat of invasion. Putin is not the only nefarious actor seizing on the geopolitical power void Biden has left. Iran continues provocation and China has been building up on military activity around Taiwan. Speaking of China, many Republicans have urged a full and transparent investigation into the true origins of COVID-19 or holding China accountable for the initial spread. Yet, after a pathetic origin investigation, Joe Biden has backed away from any interest in the origin. Instead, he has refocused that attention towards anger at unvaccinated Americans. Already facing a labor shortage, Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate was recently ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but the CMS mandate for health care workers will be implemented. This mandate does not acknowledge the scientific reality of natural immunity so many of the health care workers who were heroes in 2020 and who have had COVID now face possible termination. How’re things at the southern border? Illegal border crossings have risen faster than any point in recent memory. Catch-and-release policies have unsurprisingly failed miserably, again. Counterfeit pills and fentanyl are pouring across the border. This comes as fentanyl and fentanyl-related overdoses are spiking nationwide. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress recently tried another federalization of elections, and in doing so, voted down an attempt to stop illegal immigrants from voting in elections. Vice President Harris, who has been delegated border policy has failed. Before failing to enforce the law at the southern border, Vice President Harris created a fund to bail out criminals across the country. One of the criminals her fund helped bailout was then arrested for murder. Unfortunately, crime has spiked across the country, yet many Democrats continue anti-law enforcement sloganeering like “Defund the Police” and even the complete abolishment of police and an “indefensible system.” This is just a snippet of one year of Democrat rule. We are working to make this period as short as possible. I have assembled a team to work hard not only for my re-election in 2022, but to help as many Republicans as I can. Simply put, Nancy Pelosi cannot be holding the Speaker’s gavel at this time next year. We need to get Republicans in office so we can put the brakes on the radical Biden agenda and begin the proper oversight Speaker Pelosi has ignored. If you are worried about the future of our country. Do not sit idly by. Use your voice to share this message. Use your time to volunteer for Republicans up and down-ballot. Use your resources to help get this message out to more American people and allow our team to make an enormous difference come November. Thank you so much for caring about our great nation. Together, let's correct the course we are charting.