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Great to be in Milan to catch up with a fellow motorcycle enthusiast! #looktwicesavealife
The line was out the door to see Eric Trump in Monroe County. What a pleasure to discuss defending the Constitution, ending NAFTA, and helping our farmers! All thanks to Donald J. Trump! #MAGA
Thank you to Eric Trump for coming to Jackson and visiting Andy’s Place, a first-of-its-kind long-term opioid rehabilitation facility. Donald J. Trump has done so much to fight the opioid crisis and we’re thankful they continue to highlight this critical issue impacting our community.
"Tim Walberg has long fought to protect our Social Security and Medicare by introducing a Social Security Lock Box so dollars aren’t diverted to other programs. He’s cosponsored legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs and has authored a bill to provide a minimum cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security recipients. He recognizes that costs for seniors have risen in recent years, and has been working to ensure financial security for all of us. Tim Walberg fights for seniors, and that’s why #IVote4Tim" -Barb
Thanks to the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce for hosting a candidate's forum last week. Today, they endorsed me. Watching the forum, viewers were presented a stark contrast: Walberg: Michigan’s most effective congressman Driskell: State Rep who failed to pass a bill in 4 years Walberg: Supports the job-saving PPP Driskell: labels job-saving PPP as a “slush fund” Walberg: Pro-Life Driskell: Late-term abortion support Walberg: Defends the police Driskell: Aligns with a group to advocating to defund the police