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In the dark of the night, the House passed a completely partisan, wasteful $1.9 trillion bill. House Democrats also rejected an attempt to redirect the funds from Pelosi's underground tunnel project to mental health resources for children.
Proud to work this weekend with a group of neighbors and a local church to cut and put up a winter's supply of wood for a neighbor in medical need. It’s what neighbors do. 👍
Cancel culture is wrong! A far-left extremist group is trying to cancel my grassroots supporters and me. Sending letters to our homes will not bully us into silence. If you agree, share this post and consider chipping in to send a clear message to these misguided individuals: we will not be silenced!
I've heard from many neighbors about concerns regarding H.R.127, but I want to make it clear I do not support this legislation and will continue to stand up for your right to keep and bear arms. Infringements upon your right must be swiftly rejected.
The border wall is an important part of a comprehensive border security strategy. Along with surveillance and other technical equipment, the wall allows us the opportunity to limit illegal immigration and create long-lasting immigration reform.