Driskell misrepresents herself as a real estate broker

The WILS Morning Wakeup with Dave Akerly - WILS 1320 - July 14, 2016 - excerpt from interview with Gretchen Driskell

HOST: Well you're also running for Congress here in the 7th against Tim Walberg. Um, and you know it's never easy, uh, to unseat a, uh, an incumbent here.  Will you--there was some talk this week of how, uh, calling yourself a real estate agent versus real estate broker then a quote that, well, people don't know the difference -- I mean, was it accurate, what--what was represented about you? And, um, and which are you, and, and, do people know the difference, in your mind?

DRISKELL: Well, actually broker and agent are used interchangeably,

HOST: Okay

DRISKELL: and so there's a national website that I'm on that it says agent slash broker. So, uh, that cannot be changed, we asked for it to be put agent, so, and I did make a mistake on my, my LinkedIn account, that I set up many years ago -- I did put broker on, and I uh immediately as soon as I, uh, it was brought to my attention it was taken off. But you know that happened, you know, it's on the national database, I can't take it off. 

HOST: Okay,

DRISKELL: So, and then, you know, it's used interchangeably, and, uh, that's, uh, so, I went and fixed it

HOST: and there it is. 

DRISKELL: where I had done it myself. 

HOST: But you've been involved in real estate I mean just bottom line for a long time then, right? 

DRISKELL: Well since uh 2000, um, 

HOST: Okay

DRISKELL: you know, early 2000's

HOST: Yeah so somewhere in the last ten years or so... Our guest today is Gretchen Driskell, she's a Democrat from Saline, um, in the congressional race. She's going against Tim Walberg here ...

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