Editorial: Tim Walberg is the right choice to lead the 7th Congressional District

Editorial: Tim Walberg is the right choice to lead the 7th Congressional District

By MLive-Jackson Citizen Patriot Editorial Board

JACKSON, MI – For the last four years, U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg has served Michigan's 7th Congressional District with a steady commitment to modest spending and fiscal responsibility.

We see no reason that should change, and recommend voters support Walberg in his re-election bid on Nov. 4.

Walberg, a Republican from Tipton in Lenawee County, faces challenger Pam Brynes, a Democrat from Lyndon Township in Washtenaw County.

Byrnes, a lawyer and small-business owner, appears to be fiscally conservative, but we've seen little from her campaign that sets a clear agenda.

Most of her focus has centered attacking Walberg. She chastises him for taking a pension from state government, while also taking a federal salary. Others, meanwhile, have pointed out, that the only reason she does not have a state pension is because she was elected as a representative after the state moved to a 401k system.

While reducing excess compensation for lawmakers is something we could certainly get behind, Byrnes seems excessively attached to the idea. She wants to fix education, but we haven't seen how she plans to do that yet.

Walberg, on the other hand, wants to focus on job growth, a goal those of us in Jackson County can get behind. And, we believe Walberg has the connections and experience to move his agenda forward. 

As a veteran in Congress, Walberg understands the best way to get things done and how to work through bureaucratic red tape.

In line with his campaign promises of 2010 and 2012, Walberg has focused on reducing federal spending debt.

While we don't agree with Walberg's position on every issue, he is always clear and consistent in his message, and stays true to his beliefs.

That was clear when he offered his thoughts on a lawsuit against the Jackson County Board of Commissioners for praying before board meetings.

"I think it's sad we are afraid of religion...While I will not wear my religion on my sleeve, I will not hide my faith," said Walberg, a former pastor.

We've endorsed Walberg twice in the last four years, and feel confident do again this year.