Republicans have a plan to create jobs

Republicans have a plan to create jobs

From The Detroit News:

Our country has long been predicated on and flourished under the belief that a good, honest day’s work brings success. As many families continue to struggle under one of the slowest economic recoveries in decades, we are reminded daily that America can’t work if enough Americans aren’t working. We need a healthy economy that grows all types of jobs — salaried, hourly, full-time or part-time — and reflects the diversity of our country’s workers and workforce needs. To help get America working, my colleagues in the House have advanced solutions to create jobs and connect individuals with better jobs.

Nearly two-thirds of new jobs are created by a small business, and it makes sense to encourage these entrepreneurs to grow. With an estimated cost of at least $30,000 to start a company, regulations that stand in the way of aspiring businesses need to be addressed. Understanding this reality, the House has passed legislation with bipartisan support to make it easier for companies of all types to start or expand their business. Whether it’s reducing regulatory barriers that make it more difficult for private funds to be raised and invested in companies, or working to remove the competitive advantages faced by U.S. businesses from foreign competition, I’ve joined my colleagues in the House to push for real, immediate solutions.

While we’re helping businesses grow and expand, we’ve also worked to ensure job-seekers are connecting with good-paying jobs which match their skill sets. The federal government already operates dozens of job training programs but, unfortunately, these often duplicative efforts have done a poor job at the cost of millions of dollars each year.

That’s why earlier this summer, the House passed H.R. 803, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), a bipartisan, bicameral agreement to reform the nation’s workforce development system and help workers gain the education and skills they need for today’s economy. WIOA is a compromise with the Senate based on the House-passed Supporting Knowledge and Lifelong Skills (SKILLS) Act and was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

By reforming these federal job training programs to meet the job needs of the area, we are making it easier for community leaders to have a greater say while ensuring individuals receive the training they need.

The House has passed bipartisan supported legislation to reform federal veterans education and employment programs and ensure our nation’s heroes receive the benefits and services they’ve earned. We’ve also pushed to make it easier for companies to hire veterans, and passed legislation to connect employers with talented veterans who have gained technical skills from their service.

Americans need solutions. Despite the fact that over 40 House-passed jobs bills remain sitting before the Senate, my House colleagues and I will remain committed to supporting policies that create jobs, give small businesses the tools they need to grow and expand, and provide the skill training job seekers need for today’s workforce.

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